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  • 'Termite Insectoids' & Implants Recalled by Louisiana Experiencer
    A 68-year-old retired real estate professional, named JR, recalled insectoid experiences that occurred when he was a young boy while living in northwest Louisiana. An implant was recovered.“When I was eight-years-old, I had a bad case of the measles, so my mother quarantined me in a small bedroom in the center of the house. It […]
  • Unknown Humanoids, Possibly Bigfoot, Stalk Deer in Canadian Forest (VIDEO)
    A strange video, captured by a Canadian man, seems to show a pair of unknown beings stalking a deer in a forest. Some of the comments suggest that these could have been Bigfoot. The scenario was captured in early 2022 by Terence Leano, who was performing a live demonstration of his throat singing technique for […]
  • 'Octopus Humanoid' Experience Results in a Lifetime of Communication
    A elderly Minnesota man recalls his childhood encounter with a humanoid 'octopus' while at his favorite fishing spot. The entity would 'mind speak' with the witness, possibly continuing to the present.The following account was forwarded to me:"I've never told anyone this about this incident, not even to my wife of fifty years. I grew up […]

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  • A man sentenced to death died of joy after learning that he would not be executed
    When Akbar (only his name is known) was 37 years old, he quarreled with a friend. The man could not endure the insults inflicted on him, so he later broke into the offender’s house and committed a brutal murder. This crime is one of those punishable by death in Iran. For reference, the death penalty […]
  • Our universe is most likely flat, astrophysicists say
    The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) telescope has given astrophysicists a new way of looking at the universe, and quite accurately. According to scientists, the universe is flat. A telescope in New Mexico has mapped 1.2 million galaxies in the universe, pinpointing their locations to within one percent. This map is a tiny piece of […]

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