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  • Creepy Feminine-Voiced Entity Encountered in Deschutes County, Oregon
    A Seattle woman needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and travel out on her own. She later stopped at a free campground, not knowing that she was about to experience a bizarre encounter.The following account was recently forwarded to me:"Sick to death of working myself to death, I took the […]
  • Frightening Night in the Cabin on Vermilion Lake, Minnesota
    A group of older teen boys was staying at a remote cabin in the Minnesota wilderness when they started to experience a few unexplained events. Later, a pair of eyes peered through the cabin window.I recently came across the following account:"My story involves myself and three of my really good friends from childhood (will have […]
  • Strange Night at Lake Monticello, Texas
    A Texas man and his friend are at Lake Monticello fishing when they started to notice strange and unexplained figures and objects that would appear and disappear throughout the night.I found this bizarre account recently:"My buddy Gilbert and I drove from Dallas, Texas to Lake Monticello one Friday afternoon. Neither of us had a boat, […]

RSS AnomAlien

  • What Is Consciousness? Where Is It From and What Is It for
    This article was published in New Dawn 120, by Richard Smoley. One of the central themes of our age is consciousness. Mystics, scientists, philosophers alike have cast their eyes on this elusive entity, but no one seems quite able to say what it is. If you look up “consciousness” in a dictionary, you will often […]
  • Are governments preparing citizens for revelations about extraterrestrial visitation?
    According to an international organization The Disclosure Activists the Earth has been visited by aliens for at least 70 years. There are many physical and forensic evidence, said the group. Co-founder Russell Calka notes that there has been a change. The US government and other governments made efforts to release this information lately,” he said. […]

RSS David Icke

  • Unproven assumptions in “virology”
    These are some of the unproven assumptions that I have come to learn through my research that shows that “virology” lack a scientific foundation where [...] The post Unproven assumptions in “virology” appeared first on The Truth Seeker.
  • “Virology” rise and fall on one big assumption
    How can “virologists” assert that “viruses” require cells to replicate if they have never found what they think are “viruses” in samples taken directly from [...] The post “Virology” rise and fall on one big assumption appeared first on The Truth Seeker.
  • The flu never went away because it was never here to begin with
    This past year and a half people like myself have been sharing information that challenge the scientific foundation of “virology” and the idea of “viruses”. [...] The post The flu never went away because it was never here to begin with appeared first on The Truth Seeker.