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The Weird Show is the official “Podcast” of Weird Magazine.  For News on the Paranormal, UFOS, Conspiracies, Government Coverups , Extraterrestrials, Chemtrails and more. The Official PODCAST for Weird Magazine . . . holds exclusive interviews and commentary on many topics relating to DISCLOSURE.  New Episodes update each Wednesday! 

This is The Official Podcast for Weird Magazine.
Weird Magazine was an Austin TX based publication from 2002-present, our magazines return to print in 2022 and our Podcast is The Weird Show available online.

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Host Russell Dowden has been in radio for 16 years hosting News Talk,
and Musical formats in his broadcasting career. Former CEO/Publisher of Weird Magazine LLC
and host of Weird Radio, Para Times radio, SETLAB Chat, and The Liberated Space;
Dowden now embarks on a fast moving journey of unexpected total weirdness and paranoia! 

Enter The Weird Show!

After recently publishing Weird Magazine the radio show will be a weekly segment
to the monthly colorful gloss magazine. Featuring Music, Artist, Paranormal, Conspiracies, Pop-Culture
and alternative para-political theories.

“Russell on air is like Art Bell meets Howard Stern on Crack Cocaine!!” –

 Angela Keaton host of The Liberated Space.

Former Guest: Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Jim Marrs, Nick Redfern, Ghostland Observatory, Stanton Friedman, Jack Blood, Timothy Green Beckley, Alex Jones, Phil J Berg, ELVIRA, Barry Cooper, Dave Atell,
Giorgio Tsoukalos , Aaron Lewis, Vinny Paul, GWAR, Dean Haglund, HED PE, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Erich Von Danakin, David Icke, Michael Salla, Freeway Ricky Ross, Kevin Booth, Kinky Friedman, Shepard Fairey, Joel Gilbert and many more . . .