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New Report Ranks States by Odds of Experiencing a ‘Supernatural Sighting’

March 11, 2022

By Tim Binnall

An enlightening new study has produced a ranking of states that seemingly boast the best odds for people hoping to spot a UFO or encounter a ghost. Produced by the sports betting company Great Lake Stakes, the intriguing report pulled data from the National UFO Reporting Center and Ghosts of America website in order to determine the total number of ‘supernatural sightings’ that have occurred in each of the 50 states. Taking into account their respective populations, the study then determined which places an individual is most likely to encounter such high strangeness.

Looking at just ghost sightings, the report found that Texas, California, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois are the top five states wherein someone just might see some kind of apparition. The five places in which a person is least likely to encounter a spirit were determined to be Hawaii, Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, and Rhode Island. As far as UFOs are concerned, the report indicated that California, Florida, Washington, Texas, and New York were their top five with the bottom of the list being occupied by North and South Dakota, Delaware, Wyoming, and Vermont.

3d illustration of an unidentified flying object crossing an empty desert road

However, when the two phenomena were combined and then each state’s population was factored into the equation, the study wound up with a somewhat surprising list of places where a ‘supernatural sighting,’ in general, was most possible. Remarkably, those states were found to be Maine, Vermont, Montana, Alaska, and Wyoming, while Florida, Maryland, New York, Georgia, and Louisiana ranked at the bottom of the list. Check out the complete report here to find out how your state fared in the ‘supernatural study.’

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