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Quarter-Mile-Long Stretch of Bean Field Collapses 25 Feet:

A farmer in Minnesota was left scratching his head when a quarter-mile-long swath of his bean field mysteriously collapsed a staggering 25 feet and created an enormous ravine in the process. According to a local media report, the jaw-dropping development occurred on Wayne Erickson’s farm near the community of Climax. “When I drove out here, it looked like the Grand Canyon,” he marveled, noting that he and his wife had never seen anything quite like it in all their years working the land. Reflecting on the “kind of scary” and “sad” collapse of the field, Erllene Erickson thoughtfully mused that “Mother Nature does what she wants.”

As for why such an enormous portion of the field wound up falling upon itself, speculation among experts is that the ravine could have suddenly formed as a result of recent rainfall combined with a drop in the water levels at the nearby Red River. That said, researchers hope to visit the site in the not-too-distant future to study what some are calling a geological wonder. While the fourth-generation farmer and his wife may appreciate the wondrous display of Mother Nature’s power, we’re guessing that he would rather have all those beans back rather than the enormous ravine that is likely to only produce curiosity seekers.

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