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Ever really wonder why we have not been back to the moon?

Why we haven’t set up a base or even a colony by now?

Maybe my warning had been taken to heart — for after all it had been a stern one.

“Alien beings, using the moon as a flying saucer base, are warning us to watch our step in space. If we try to colonize the moon, these outer space intelligence, will stop us!”

The New York Daily News and the Sunday Gazette Mail of Charleston, West Virginia carried my message throughout the country, since the Daily News had a circulation of about 3 million at the time, the WV paper a lot less of course.

Even the prestigious New York Daily News thought the topic was hot enough to award it ample media space.

It was June of 1969, and I was in Charleston to speak at a large “flying saucer show,” organized by J. Ralph Jarrett acting as that years sponsor of the Congress of Scientific UFOlogists a group of which I was on the national board of director, along with stalwarts James Moseley, Cleveland’s Rick Hilberg and Al Manning, a Korean War vet who had had an up close, personal encounter with a foo fighter.

I pointed out at a press conference, held before the event in the Daniel Boone Hotel, that I had been instructed by my “planetary guides” to tell the media that if we attempted to return to the moon there would be serious repercussions on earth — in the form of earthquakes, power failures and other headline making disasters. I should point out that the space people didn’t necessary say that they were going to cause these events (except for Ted Owens who said the SI’s could be very vindictive). Instead it was a sort of what you sow you reap sort of thing.

Tim’s predictions of a lunar “no fly zone,” based on channeled information made headlines.

After I explained that my source for these warnings was a group of UFO contactees, who had been in regular touch with some pretty powerful extraterrestrial friends, they pretty much accurately quoted me as having said: “Whatever they are, these beings are more highly advanced. They are primarily concerned that we might use the moon for military purposes. They’re warning us not to do that.”

Fat chance I would have to say, even at this late date!?

To bolster my point, I revealed that many of our space missions had been closely monitored by “strange lights,” which followed our astronauts out in space in order to show us that they “meant business.” I also told how they might go so far as to “quarantine the earth until we have cleaned up our act.” I confess I was going for the sensationalist factor, hoping the event would get more than a blurb in the back of the paper. My approach resulted in wide coverage. I had said a mouthful and I would have to live with it.


Though I have never considered myself a staunch supporter of the New Age wing of the UFO community, I had established a co existing friendship with numerous channelers and contactees as I do believe they have the right to be heard. And from time to time what they have to say is right on the money!

Above all else, there was one particular individual from the “cosmic no fly zone” whom I thought was one cut above the rest when it came to expressing the theme of the Space Brothers arrival here on earth, and what they would like to see accomplished by our society before we joined with our galactic breathern. He was very articulate, and my gut feeling was that his messages were more than gossamer “New Age cotton candy,”

He influenced me pretty much to the point where I felt I could be a conduit for some of the space people’s messages, without getting involved on a personal level as if I were claiming to receive such predictions on my own. I felt I had to separate my “serious” UFO research efforts from the more “extreme” elements that were hiding in the shadows, but were looking to guide the rest of us toward the light.

Michael X. Barton and his charming wife as seen at Giant Rock from “A Is For Adamski,” By Adam Gorightly and Greg Bishop. Photo by Joe Fex – X Research

One of the most influential individuals in the UFO contact movement of the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties was a gentleman named Michael Barton whose moniker was an easy, breezy, Michael X, a nom de plum. He chose it so that he could hang out under cover and not be so easily identified. He was not interested in a cult following, but had some very important information to give out which he said had been given to him by his Space Brother friends from “Venus.”

Every year, Michael X. would mount the speaker’s platform at the Giant Rock UFO Convention, held just outside the town of Landers, California, in the Mojave Desert. He would address the throng of up to ten thousand who would sit in the hot sun all day to hear the latest message transmitted to the earthly representatives of the Ashtar Command and the followers of other “star fleets” captains.

Specifically, Michael said his contacts were from the planet Venus. None of the Giant Rock presenters received a speakers fee from promoter George Van Tassel, so most of them hawked their self published books and stapled tracks. The material that Michael X disseminated, however, was a cut above the rest. Such titles as “Venusian Health Science,” “Venusian Secret Science,” “Release Your Cosmic Power,” “Amazing Visions of the End Times, and “Rainbow City and the Inner Earth People,” were highly sought after, as the teachings they contained were of a higher caliber than most of the material that was being spread around in the name of the space aliens. The transmissions Michael X received were direct and “non filtered.” They were not as poetic or flowery as some of what I call “New Age fluff” that was being passed about to the hard core believers via mimeographed leaflets. The material he was coming forth with was a combination of ancient wisdom bestowed upon him and channeled information which he was receiving while in an altered state.

Truth is, his books were presented as inspirational courses, suitable for study groups (which there were a lot of in the Fifties and into the mid Seventies. This was especially true on the west coast, where some were even organized by celebrities who would order books from me over the phone.

I have one here in front of me now. “Secrets of Higher Contacts,” which was one of his best…and dig the list of enlightening chapters, presented with pzazz.

Saucer Mystery Unveiled.
Brothers of the Higher Arc.
Contacting Your Secret X.
Will You Be A Contactee?
Your Most Important Role.
The Space Brothers Need You Now!

In fact, as far as it is known, Michael published the first book in the U.S. on the Nazi UFO connection. It was titled, “We Want You — Is Hitler Alive?” Later on he published, “The German Saucer Story,” Both were to bring him a great deal of trouble as we shall see.

The little booklet “We Want You — Is Hitler Alive? — seems to have gotten Michael X into a whirl wind of trouble.

Suddenly, Michael X disappeared from the scene. He did not want to talk about UFOs or the space people any longer. Something had frightened him dreadfully. According to the late Frank Stranges, a personal friend of both Michael X and myself, it had something to do with Barton’s belief that at least some UFOs were being manufactured right here on earth by members of an elite Fourth Reich who had manufactured disc shaped devices. The plans for these devices had come from a negative race of Nordic-like extraterrestrials who sympathized with Hitler and his Aryan supremacy views.

Michael X had claimed telepathic contact with his space “friends.” One day they told him to go to a particular spot in the desert to meet with them face to face. He did not feel this was an unusual suggestion as he had followed their commands to meet several time before without incident. This time the results were not to his liking. He had parked his vehicle and had gotten out to see if there was a ship approaching, when suddenly he saw something glittering in the sunlight. He looked off to his side, and there partially hidden behind a sand dune was a would be assassin, a man with a rifle whose metallic barrel was reflecting the sun’s rays giving their hiding spot away.

Author, researcher and guru, Michael X fled the scene as quickly as possible realizing that he had been “set upon” by entities he had no desire to deal with. His wisdom was no match for a firearm with a scope. From what we later heard, Michael canceled all of his forthcoming speaking dates and went into seclusion not knowing how to deal with this very unnerving situation which had never confronted him before.

Even as a teenager I was in the business of selling UFO books to finance my research. Long distance phone calls to witnesses were expensive in those days (maybe $10 for a 3 minute conversation from east coast to west). And one had to buy gas and rent hotel rooms while on the road. Michael X books always sold well because of their catchy titles, and they were inexpensive, at $10 or less. Michael would drop ship the orders to my customers. We didn’t have a lengthy conversation but we were doing business together.

When Michael folded his tent, he had cartons of unsold books. I took maybe 50 of each of the “best sellers,” figuring I would sell them over a period of time. And Gray Barker’s Saucerian Press took the rest. Somewhere along the line I had asked him if it was ok for me to reprint the various tomes if need be and he had no objections However, he in effect warned me to stay away from the book on Nazi UFOs which had been so troubling.

Gray Barker was doing so well with the Michael X material that he wanted to publish more titles by the author, but any offer he made to Michael was refused. He wanted no more dealings with the space brothers, be they legit friends from “Venus.” or potential Nazi “space Aryans” whose intentions were “not of the light.”

Acting under the Michael X banner, Beckley now admits he was responsible for this book on Tesla.

So I took up the helm. I wrote 3 books under the Michael X plume. They were, “Nikola Tesla — Man or Spaceman.” Before inking this little booklet there had only been two other volumes on Tesla, and nothing about his UFO — outer space — connection. Now there over 700 Tesla titles being sold on Amazon. Then there was “Gone Forever in the Blink of An Eye,” which dealt with the disappearance of one of Michael’s close friend, Dr Halsey whom might have been scooped up by aliens.

Most important of all, and this is the fist time I am confessing to this, I penned “Danger On The Moon,” a 32 page discourse which I feel is still very relevant to this day due to the timeliness of its contents, even though it came out in the late Sixties. In short, this booklet explained how even though we had landed on the moon, because of our warlike activities and general chaos, the space people would prevent us from returning to the lunar surface. They would take whatever measures necessary to see that we did not establish our own bases or colonies there, which had long been on our space agencies agenda.

Readers couldn’t wait to read “Danger on the Moon’s” next breathtaking page.

Psychic And UFO Revelations For The Twenty-First Century is now available at Amazon.

End of Part One

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