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  • Did Sleep Paralysis Develop Into Higher Consciousness Connection?
    I recently received the following email from someone who has experienced multiple bouts of sleep paralysis. It seems to me that this experiencer eventually connected with a higher consciousness at some point. Your thoughts? "I wanted to tell you about a very odd sleep paralysis incident I had about 2 years ago. I started having sleep […]
  • British Columbia Cryptids & Unexplained Phenomena Encounters
    3 different accounts of cryptid and other unexplained phenomenon in British Columbia, Canada. These include a Sasquatch encounter, a white biped cryptid and phantom voices.The following accounts were recently provided to me:"My grandfather had witnessed for himself the tremendous size and strength of a Sasquatch for the first time in 1951. At the time, he […]
  • Southern Appalachians High Strangeness Accounts
    5 different high strangeness accounts from the southern Appalachians, including a 'T-Rex' cryptid, a crawler humanoid and various UFOs and weird sounds.Here are a few account that I recently came across:"I've saw some weird looking thing about 10 years ago in Henderson County, NC while walking in the woods. There were 2 other witnesses. My […]

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  • Nahuelito – The Living Patagonian Plesiosaur
    Nahuelito, the “Patagonian plesiosaur”, as it is sometimes called, is a lake monster reported in the Nahuel Huapi Lake of Argentina and Patagonia. Like Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, the Argentine creature is named after the lake she resides in. The huge lake covers over two hundred square miles at the base of the Patagonian […]
  • Elon Musk chipped a monkey and showed what she became capable of
    Experts from the Neuralink startup, owned by Elon Musk, for the first time clearly demonstrated the success of their project. The company has published a short video demonstrating the capabilities that the monkey has gained after implanting a chip in its brain. Recall that the goal of the developers is to create a miniature chip […]

RSS David Icke

  • Is Science Broken? The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine)
    Listen to all episodes of Truthiverse (especially the ones YT takes down!) at http://truthiverse.comThis episode is a deep dive into the crisis of truth and [...] The post Is Science Broken? The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine) appeared first on The Truth Seeker.
  • Where we are heading and the planned agenda
    Here I will present some interesting facts that show that what we are experiencing now is a planned “crisis” that got nothing to do with [...] The post Where we are heading and the planned agenda appeared first on The Truth Seeker.
  • If you think vaccines are safe, consider these things
    In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was created as a direct result of the many lawsuits that the vaccine manufacturers were having as [...] The post If you think vaccines are safe, consider these things appeared first on The Truth Seeker.