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  • Huge Canine Cryptid Encountered in Rural Sedgwick County, Kansas
    2 woman were driving home at night near Wichita, Kansas when they encountered a huge canine cryptid standing on the side of a country road.I recently received the following account:"My daughter, who was still living at home in her first year of cosmetology school, and a friend had gone to Wichita, Kansas to a show. […]
  • A Bizarre Night of Strange Creatures, Lost Time & Unexplained Events
    A group of friends in New York state are moving one of the group to a new house. There are an unexplained series of events that occur during the move. Quite bizarre.This account was recently forwarded to me for an assessment:I have been stewing on this story for a while. This takes place in New […]
  • More Evidence of Bigfoot Activity at Bald Eagle State Park, Pennsylvania
    A reader, who has a cabin near Bald Eagle State Park, PA, lists possible Bigfoot evidence that her and her family have found in the area.I recently received the following account:"Hi Lon, I have a cabin on the outskirts of Bald Eagle State Park (Centre County, PA), and I have had a few odd experiences […]

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  • They Hide Something From Us: The Mummies of the Grand Canyon
    What if everything we know about American history is wrong? What if the ancients came here long before Columbus and Jamestown? And what if they left behind clues, so that we could one day learn the true history of humanity? In 1909, two men stumbled upon the missing link between the ancient world and our […]
  • Mysterious Disappearance Of S.S. Waratah: Prophetic Dreams and Ghostly Omens
    The SS Waratah was a 500 foot steamer sometimes referred to as “Australia’s Titanic”, disappeared off South Africa late in July 1909, with the loss of all 211 persons on board—no bodies, lifeboats, wreckage, or shipboard items of any kind were ever found, making this one of the best-known examples of a ship lost entirely […]

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