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  • 'Octopus Humanoid' Experience Results in a Lifetime of Communication
    A elderly Minnesota man recalls his childhood encounter with a humanoid 'octopus' while at his favorite fishing spot. The entity would 'mind speak' with the witness, possibly continuing to the present.The following account was forwarded to me:"I've never told anyone this about this incident, not even to my wife of fifty years. I grew up […]
  • Harrowing Bigfoot Encounter in Bankhead National Forest, Alabama
    A young Alabama man had a harrowing encounter with a massive Bigfoot while hiking back to is truck after a day of fishing. The creature became agitated, warning the witness with a loud aggressive growl.The following account was forwarded to me:"I’ve never told anyone about a sighting I had when I was 18-years-old (about 5-years-old). […]
  • Dogman / Upright Canine Mythos of the U.S. Upper Midwest
    The Dogman / upright canine cryptids have been reported throughout North America. But many interesting sightings come from two states in the US Upper Midwest - Michigan and Wisconsin. Most of us are familiar with 'Beast of Bray Road' phenomenon that has captivated investigators and researchers for decades. And despite the fact that the infamous […]

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  • Black Spherical UFO Passing The Moon Spotted By Amateur Astronomer
    This mysterious object was spotted during one of astronomer Ruben Ariza livestreams from his home in Armenia in Quindío, Colombia on May 8, 2022. In the footage, we see the UFO fly into view, leaving Ruben absolutely delighted with the sighting. When a UFO passes by the moon, it appears to cast a shadow on […]
  • Scientists have discovered the cause of the largest extinction on Earth
    An event known as the Great Dying unfolded across the planet over 250 million years ago. Scientists have found that the mass extinction was caused by extreme, rapid global warming. This catastrophic event killed over 80 percent of marine species, as well as 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrates and the vast majority of insect species […]

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