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RSS Phantoms & Monstors

  • Terrifying Bigfoot Scream Alarms Southern Oregon Family
    A man recalls hearing a terrifying scream while he was a boy living with his family in southern Oregon. He hears the same sound on the BFRO site 28 years later, and realizes that it was a Bigfoot.The following account was recently forwarded to me:"I have heard deer make some pretty strange noises, but never […]
  • Red-Eyed Insectoid Entity Lunges At Children in Merseyside Barn
    Four children in Merseyside, England are playing in an old abandoned barn when they are attacked by a unknown red-eyed insectoid being. They are left hysterical after the incident.The following account was reported in the Liverpool Echo in October 2020:The four children were playing in a barn when they came across the unknown creature. Four […]
  • Otherworldly UFO Maneuvers Over Claiborne County, Mississippi
    A Claiborne County, Mississippi woman describes a series of bright orbs that she witnessed near her home, the orbs formed into a triangle and performed otherworldly maneuvers. I recently received the following account:"Back in 1979 I was living a few miles south of Reganton, Mississippi (Claiborne County) in a little tin-roofed three-roomed house with my husband. We […]

RSS AnomAlien

  • General Secretary of the Soviet Union Built a Secret “Prison” For Aliens
    The history of the Soviet department of “men in black” is still hidden from ordinary people. Those who served there, even after many years, are reluctant to talk about their work in the “alien” unit of the GRU, reports The Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian […]
  • “UFO Cluster”, followed by other mysterious black spheres, captured over Rome
    On January 1, 2021, at 3:10 pm, a resident of Rome noticed an object in the sky, which, as she herself stated, she could not identify. The testimony says the object rotated on its own and had very strange bulges around its circumference. Which periodically went out and returned. A witness who realized that this […]

RSS David Icke

  • A Light On – Episode 15: John Blaid
    Examining the myth and pseudoscience of virology and genetics with John Blaid. View on Odysee The post A Light On – Episode 15: John Blaid appeared first on The Truth Seeker.
  • My education package to get up to speed when it comes to “virology”
    I will update this as my research continues if I feel that there is something that needs to be added. If people are interested in [...] The post My education package to get up to speed when it comes to “virology” appeared first on The Truth Seeker.
  • A breakdown of the problems in virology
    During this past year and a half where I have spent countless of hours debating and explaining things to people, it has also pushed me [...] The post A breakdown of the problems in virology appeared first on The Truth Seeker.