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  • Eerie 'Black-Eyed Girl' Stalks British Columbia Neighborhood
    A girl explains her encounter with a black-eyed girl while sleeping on her balcony. A neighbor describes a similar BEK in a tree in the same neighborhood. Was it a corporeal child or a manifestation?The following account was forwarded to me:"In the summer of 2005, LaKesha, then 7, and her family (mother, father, two older […]
  • Witnesses Observe Earth's Moon Fracture, Then Reassemble - Alternate Reality / Glitch?
    Two friends were sitting along Lake Monroe, Florida late at night. They observe the moon fracture, then reassemble, as if they were where part of an alternate reality or glitch. Truly bizarre.I recently came across this bizarre account:"This happened in Sanford, Florida in 2021 at Lake Monroe, at the veteran memorial there. The memorial has […]
  • Creepy 'Men in Black' Incident in Exton, Pennsylvania
    This is one of the more bizarre MIB encounters I have received, a multi-faceted incident with a faceless MIB, a female MIB, and a possible time slip. Very interesting.I received the following account several years ago:"Hi Lon, I've been meaning to send you this story for some time now. Was one of the strangest events […]

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  • Best UFO Photo Ever Revealed After 32 Years
    The image of the mysterious flying ship, captured on camera 32 years ago, has since been hidden from the public, and only now a secret copy has been discovered. This is reported by the Daily Star. The unusual image sparked a massive debate. Someone believes that these are aliens, and someone is a top-secret US […]
  • The man claims that after being struck by lightning, he gained a unique power
    The Australian is incredibly lucky that he survived after he was struck by lightning. The consequences of a lightning strike persist to this day. He claims that he can now predict when a thunderstorm is coming, reports The man claims that after being struck by lightning, he gained a unique power. In November 2015, […]

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