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  • Possible 'Thunderbird' Encounter on Pike Lake, Wisconsin
    A couple is fishing on Pike Lake in Wisconsin when a sudden heavy storm comes through. After the storm clears, the couple encounters a huge bird on the lake. Was this a Thunderbird?The following account was recently forward to me. I later followed up with the witness:"On the Independence day holiday, my family had a […]
  • Supposed Bigfoot Reported 'Swinging in Trees' in Hyde Park, NY
    A landscaper in Hyde Park, New York reports that she observed a Bigfoot crashing through the vegetation, and then it ascends a tree. The creature was also seen swinging from tree to tree.The following was posted on Facebook by Gayle J. Beatty:"On July 2, I received a phone call from a woman that was working […]
  • Living Peacefully With A Bigfoot Family Group
     A father and son have learned to live peacefully and to coexist with the local Bigfoot family group in Grays Harbor County, Washington.The following account was included with another Bigfoot report I received several years ago:"Thought I'd share what we have learned. I can't use my name as we wish to protect the Bigfoot. My […]

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  • 8 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones
    The loved one who has just passed away would be very keen to let us know they ‘re all right and aware of what’s going on in our lives. When we can’t sense them around us they will always give us a “sign” we can’t ignore. The person given a “sign” is always conscious that […]
  • The Demons of Haunted Tooele Hospital
    The Old Tooele Hospital, now known as the haunted attraction Asylum 49, is Utah’s biggest paranormal hot spot. To say that it’s one of the strangest buildings in the world is an understatement. It’s truly a one of a kind haunting. The building was first built by a man named Samuel F. Lee. He built […]

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